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Keep Night Animal Predators Away Night animal control is easier with Nite Guard SolarTM...

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  • Keep Night Animal Predators Away Night animal control is easier with Nite Guard SolarTM...

Nite-Guard Night Animal Control Solar Light

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Quick Overview

Keep Night Animal Predators Away Night animal control is easier with Nite Guard SolarTM solar-powered flashing red lights. When positioned correctly, these automatic red flashing lights will repel night pest animals that could harm livestock or gardens.

Product Description

Keep Night Animal Predators Away with Solar Powered Flashing Red Light
Night animal control is easier with Nite Guard Solar solar-powered flashing red lights. When positioned correctly, these automatic red flashing lights will repel night pest animals that could harm livestock or gardens. Nite Guard Solar TM predator control lights are based on scientific research: night animals react to the red flashing light with fear, that they have been discovered or are being watched. Note: this is not a motion activated light. Once completely charged, the red light flashes from dusk to dawn as it responds to a light sensor.

Nite-Guard Main Features:
  • Completely weatherproof: can work submerged in water.
  • Tab for hanging on nail or screw
  • Requires minimum of 4 hours direct sunlight to maintain internal battery charge.
  • Functional to -20 degrees F.
  • Coverage: approximately 60 degrees, 30 to each side of the Nite-Guard.  For best coverage, use multiple units. Consider height of animals against which you want to protect your property when mounting units.
  • Warranty: 1 year from manufacturer
 Nite Guard Solar Powered Flashing Red Light Protects:

•POULTRY and LIVESTOCK against coyote, fox, bear, mountain lion, wolf, bobcat, owls, hawks, mink, weasel, and skunk
•GARDENS (flowers, sweet corn), ORCHARDS, VINEYARDS against deer and raccoon
•BIRD FEEDERS, PURPLE MARTIN HOUSES, FISH PONDS against raccoon, hawks, owls, blue heron and bear
•CAMPSITES, CABINS, and PROPERTY against bear, raccoon, mountain lion and even human intruders
Predator Protection Against Nocturnal Feral Animals Provided by Nite-Guard: Nite Guard SolarTM is based on scientific research. A flash of light implies to all animals that hunt or feed at night that they have been “discovered” or are being watched. This is their deepest fear and forces them to flee the area. A simple, but effective concept.

Q: How does the Nite Guard work?
This is a state-of-the-art solar powered unit that emits a red, flashing light. The unit is light sensitive: turns on at dusk and turns off at full daylight. No switches, it’s all automatic. High quality solar panel on the top of the unit charges with direct daylight (does not have to be sunlight). The flash of the light is what stops the predator. Animal behavior experts, through scientific research, have determined that predators feel threatened because they believe that flash to be the eye of another organism. The sense of being watched is the greatest fear night animals have.
Q: How do the lights get powered?
Upon receipt of the Nite Guard make sure to remove the black, protective tape that covers the solar panel. Install the light in the area to be protected and where it will receive about 4 hours of daylight. Nite Guard will begin to operate that night: it will take 3-4 days for the light to be fully charged. This product is designed for outside use. Because it is light sensitive, Nite Guard provides protection at two critical times of the day--dusk and dawn. (Also see installation instructions for proper charging of the unit)
Q: Do I need batteries for the Nite Guard?No. The Nite Guard is solar powered, so there are no batteries to change or electric cords to plug in.
Q: Is the Nite Guard weather-proof?
Yes. Completely sealed to protect them against moisture and all inside components are silicone coated for protection. Nite Guard will actually work completely submerged in water or ice and will function to a minus 20 degrees below zero.
Q: How long will the Nite Guard work?
The average life of a Nite Guard is 3 years, if the light is used continually. Some lights have lasted for up to 5 years, but the norm is 3 years. If the lights are used seasonally they will last much longer. You can store lights in a dormant stage by bringing them indoors where daylight will not hit the solar bar. [See installation instructions for storage]
Q: How far does the Nite Guard work?
High in the air the light can be seen for a long distance, depending on the lay of the land. A flat, open area with four Nite Guards placed at 10’ for owls will protect an area 1/2 mile in each direction, even at 3 feet off the ground a range of several hundred yards is common. The predator stops the instant they see the flash. They do not come in to investigate.

Q: What other predators does the Nite Guard work against?
Every night predator will be repelled by the flash of the Nite Guard : deer, fox, opossum, bobcats, coyotes, muskrats, raccoons, bear, cougar, mountain lion, wild boar, mink, skunk, weasels, blue heron and hawks. If you are experiencing problems with a predator not listed here, please contact Nite-Gurad to see if the light will work against that predator.
Q: Will the flashing light be annoying to my neighbors or alarm my own livestock?
No. Livestock and other domestic animals will not be affected by the flash. It is not an annoying strobe type flash therefore will not attract undue attention; however predators see it instantly because of their wary nature. Most neighbors and anyone else will believe the lights to be a security system.

Q: Could I use the light as a security system?
Yes. Customers use the lights at their cabins or property. The red flashing light located near an entry door or driveway can give the impression that a security system is installed.

Q: How do I mount the Nite Guard?
Each unit has a tab on the top which will accept a screw for mounting on a post or stake. Even though they are very well built, do not attempt to hammer on or jar the unit excessively when installing.

Q: Does the light only work in one direction?
Yes, the angle of sight is approximately 30 degree angle of sight as one moves to the right or left away from it. For best coverage, you must intall 4 lights minimum and space them apart.

Q: Can I buy just one light?
Yes, however, remember the lights are one directional. If 4 or more lights are not installed, the predator will circle and enter the kill area from a direction where they do not see the flash. Night predators are smart and determined to enter an area, especially if they have already been there. Most ground predators will attempt to approach from the direction where the lights are not flashing.

Q: Is there a guarantee on these lights?
One-year guarantee by manufacturer. LIMITED WARRANTY.Any defective light can be returned for up to one year after purchase. For instructions on how to return or replace a Nite Guard unit, or to register your purchase ensuring full coverage of the Money Back Guarantee and Limited Warranty contact NiteGuard. Please keep your original receipt to ensure full coverage.
DISCLAIMER: Nite Guard, LLC cannot be responsible for damage or injury that may occur as a result of the improper use of Nite Guard Solar or the unpredictability of wild animals.

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Blog Links Solar Powered Nite-Guard Flashes Red Lights to Keep Night Predators Away
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