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  Privacy Statement
Last updated March, 2009

Our Free Shipping Internet Privacy Statement is one way that we at Free Shipping Internet establish our commitment to the privacy of our valued customers. Read over the following information to learn how we gather and disseminate this information for our website.


We will use your personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number or street address in accordance with the terms of this website in accordance with our privacy policies. The Free Shipping Internet privacy policy only applies to the information collected on and does not apply to information that is collected by affiliates through other means.

How We Gather Information

There are many pages on our website that you can visit and not provide any information about yourself. You can even participate in activities on these pages and take advantage of the services provided while remaining completely anonymous. Other pages on the website, however, will ask for registration information. This entails providing information if you want to access restricted areas of our site, sign up for our free newsletters or make a purchase.

As is the case with most websites, FreeShippingInternet also collects customer information based on technological tools such as “cookies”. This can help customers store their login information so that they do not have to continue to provide the same information such as usernames and passwords for their FreeShippingInternet account repeatedly. This saves the customers time, although any computer user can delete internet cookies at any time. You can also set your internet browser to not accept cookies, although it may limit your ability to use some of the custom features on the site, including those that can be customized to your preference.

What We Do with the Information We Collect

Aggregated Information
Aggregated Information is information that does not identify you personally. This is data that combines information about usage patterns as well as patterns from other users. A good example of aggregated information is data that indicates which pages on our site are visited most often. Aggregated information such as traffic data can be shared with our partners, but cannot be used in any way to contact you as it does not collect any personal information.

Personally Identifiable Information
In order to process our e-commerce transactions, we also have to collect personal information on our website. This is used for transactions such as purchases as well as communication transactions. For example, if you sign up for the free FreeShippingInternet newsletter or even a regular mail newsletter, we will obviously have to collect personal information from you. The collection and storage of your personal information further demonstrates our dedication to protecting your privacy when on our site.

Third Parties
Unless required by law, we will never share your personal information with any third party. Your transactions with us are safe and secure, as is any personal information you provide FreeShippingInternet:
  1. Free Shipping Internet uses Secure Socket Layer technology that receives encrypted information. This is licensed through SSL technology is the same type of secure technology used by online banking and secure online retailers. Your transactions are secure in these transactions and are bound by the licensing rules of Authorize.Net. Once your transaction is completed, Free Shipping Internet does not retain your credit card information or any other financial information. Authorize.Net may retain credit card transaction information in accordance with banking standard. You can read about their privacy statement by going to Authorize.Net Privacy Statement

    Once you place an order with our company, you will receive a confirmation from us about the order. This is automatic. Some email providers may block the distribution of this email unless you give the provider permission for access. You may also get a second email from to confirm payment and the fact that your credit card was charged. This is for your own protection. Free Shipping Internet also sends out a second email when the product is shipped and on its way to you to complete the ordering process. This is for your own convenience and can help you know when to expect your order.

  2. There are some times when a customer requests an item that is out of stock. In such cases, we will ask the warehouse to ship the products to you directly. We fax the information on the packing slip to the drop shipper and you can receive your item the moment it becomes available. Our suppliers adhere to our privacy requirements as per agreement with them.

  3. Any visitor who logs into our website and subscribes to the free newsletter will get a free email newsletter from our site on a quarterly basis. We use Microsoft bCentral to maintain our mailing list for the newsletter and offer anyone receiving these newsletters can choose to unsubscribe to this information at any time . The information provided to Microsoft bCentral to provide newsletters for our customers consists of an email list and is used strictly for the purpose of sending this list. Read this link to Micosoft bCentral’s privacy statement for more information:Microsoft bCentral Privacy Statement

    Be assured that the email addresses for the newsletter service will not be sold or knowingly provided to a third party other than Microsoft bCentral.

  4. Personal information that you provide FreeShippingInternet can also be used for administration purposes as well as troubleshooting. A web hosting service that provides technical support can access such information but is bound by the same privacy clause.
As FreeShippingInternet continues to develop, we may merge with other companies or businesses, or even sell our business. In such cases, user information of the site may be seen as assets in the transaction. We will notify you prior to any such transaction. We will also notify you if we are required to provide any information based upon your transactions due to a court order, as may be the case with collection attempts. Information can also be subpoenaed by law enforcement officials. In such a case as a subpoena, we may not provide you with notice of disclosure.

Affiliated Sites, Linked Sites and Advertisements

At Free Shipping Internet, we respect the privacy of all of our users and welcome to our site again and again. When you are visiting our site, you may see links to other sites to affiliate pages and websites that have been created by third parties. Advertisements on our site may also bring you to another website when you are visiting Free Shipping Internet. Free Shipping Internet assumes no liability, real, stated or implied, from any actions or policies instituted by third party sites. Be sure to check the privacy policies of any third party sites that you visit from Free Shipping Internet before using the site or providing them with any personal information.

Third parties on our site may look at cookies as well as use other technology to determine which ads to display to you and gather information regarding your viewing history. Free Shipping Internet does not assume any liability for the actions of these third party individuals nor can we control their technology. An example would be an advertiser trying to figure out which type of advertisement you have viewed and your interest based upon your page viewing history.


Free Shipping Internet is for those over the age of 13. We do not solicit personal information from children under the age of 13 and prohibit children under the age of 13 from signing up for newsletters or providing us with any personal information. If you believe there is personal information about a child under the age of 13 on the site, please contact us at the address listed below so it will immediately be deleted.

Contacting us

We can be reached at:
Safe Home Products, Inc.
3578 Perch Drive SE
Iowa City, IA 52240
Changes to this Policy

Free Shipping Internet reserves the right to make amendments to our policies at any time. You should check this page periodically for updates and changes to our privacy policy. Any information that is collected prior to the time of changes is subjected to the rules that applied prior to the change in the privacy policies.
Governing law

This policy and the use of this website of Free Shipping Internet is under the mandate of the state law of IowaIf there are any claims to this site, they must be addressed to the Iowa City, Iowa state court, or the federal court of the United States, depending on the claim and within one year after the claim arises. By using this site, you agree that no claim brought against this site will be brought as a class action suit and will be decided in the jurisdiction and venue that is most convenient for the resolution of such claim. Free Shipping Internet is a company that is owned, controlled and operated entirely in the United States of America. If you live outside of the United States, note that any information provided will be transferred to the United States and that you consent to such a transfer.

In the event case of any conflict between the terms of this policy and the terms of any electronic or machine readable privacy policy (for example, a P3P electronic privacy policy), the terms of this written policy shall control. Copyright © 2009 , Free Shipping Internet

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